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Answers to All Your San Diego Plumbing Questions

Plumbing systems are complex networks of pipes, drains, tanks, fixtures, and water lines—all of which work together to provide you with the daily comfort you count on. Because these systems are so interconnected, it can be difficult for the average homeowner to accurately identify an issue when it arises. However, at American Plumbing Group, we believe that the more information you have, the better. With the right knowledge, you’ll be better able to recognize the signs of a plumbing problem and know when to call for professional plumbers in San Diego. If you have questions about your plumbing systems, we’ve got answers! Browse our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below!

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  • Is it possible to fix a clogged drain myself?

    Yes! There are a couple simple ways to unclog a stopped drain, so long as the clog is relatively minor. If possible, you can use your hands to unclog the drain (removing excess hair by hand from a shower drain, for instance, may allow water to flow through). A plunger can be used to remove stoppages in toilets and sink drains; we recommend submersing the plunger in water, as it will be more effective this way. For larger, more stubborn clogs, you’ll want to call a professional San Diego plumber who has the tools and experience to effectively remove the blockage. We do not recommend using a chemical drain cleaner as these can actually damage drains with prolonged use.

  • How can I tell I have a hidden water leak?

    Hidden leaks are one of the most serious plumbing problems—if left unattended, leaks can lead to extensive water damage on your property and costly repairs. It’s important that you know the signs of a potential leak in order to quickly address the issue. Some of the most common signs of a hidden water leak include unexplained increases in your water bill, damp/lush patches in your lawn/yard, water damage to your floor or ceiling, cracks or damage on the walls, and mold or mildew growth. If you notice any of these signs or any other unusual occurrences, contact our professional San Diego plumbers as soon as possible.

  • Can I prevent my pipes from freezing?

    Most homeowners know that one of the most common causes of burst pipes is freezing. While San Diego tends to have a warmer climate, freezing is still a possibility during the colder winter months. You can prevent freezing by turning the water main off, a good idea if you are leaving for vacation or if temperatures are expected to drop overnight. It’s also a good idea to disconnect garden hoses connected to outdoor pipes, as this will allow the pipes to empty entirely.

  • What causes low water pressure and can it be fixed?

    Low water pressure can be caused by a number of issues, including but not limited to hidden water leaks, clogs and blockages, corrosion in old pipes, or even a problem with the municipal water supply. In most instances, when the cause originates in your plumbing system, low water pressure can be fixed. First, you should check the main shut-off valve to ensure that it is completely open. Water pressure can also be caused by fixtures, so it’s wise to check these as well. You’ll also want to look for signs of a hidden water leak, as this can be a serious problem if left unaddressed.

  • Should I repair or replace a broken water heater?

    Some water heater issues can be effectively addressed with comprehensive repairs, but other problems will require replacement. How do you know if it’s time to replace your water heater? If you own a traditional, tank-based water heater, you might want to consider replacement if the unit is about 10-12 years old. This is generally considered the full lifespan of this type of water heater and newer options tend to be far more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Additionally, if the water heater is corroded or has a leak, repair is not an option. Our San Diego plumbers can provide you with an honest assessment of your water heater and help you determine the best option.

  • What is the benefit of a sewer camera inspection?

    Sewer camera inspections (which we offer for free!) allow our team to look inside your home’s pipes without causing any destruction. In this way, we can quickly and accurately diagnose any issues with your plumbing system’s pipelines.

  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes! We have several financing options for qualifying customers, as well as everyday flat-rate pricing. We charge by the project, not the hour, so you’re never caught off-guard by the cost of your service.

  • Do you offer commercial plumbing services in San Diego?

    Yes! In addition to our comprehensive residential plumbing services, we are proud to offer plumbing solutions for business owners and commercial property managers throughout the greater San Diego area. Call us to learn more!

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